Serving, Loving, Teaching
Serving, Loving, Teaching
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Welcome to Lena Baptist Church

At Lena Baptist Church we are committed to being a missional church; helping people to grow and become strong disciples of Jesus Christ in a loving, faith-filled way.


Lena maintains a firm foundation for strong communities both locally and beyond. We are dedicated to the advancement of a Christ centered faith through strong fellowship, scripture study, poverty relief, and many other outreach activities that have benefitted the Lena- Conover community since 1855.


In addition to weekly worship services and our community out reach services, we organize regular meetings and activities so that all can join together in fellowship to support our community from day to day.


We invite you and your family to experience the Love of God and others and to grow in your faith in new and profound ways.

Come, join us in a walk of faith.

We are always happy to see new folks - everyone is welcome!

Who We Are

Lena Baptist Church is a solid, Christ focused church that provides ministry and outreach to people and families, spreading the Gospel message of peace and quietly doing the corporal works of faith within the community of Lena- Conover .


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What We Do

The Lena Baptist Church Community Outreach Ministry provides invaluable community services such as: collecting food and clothing for local distribution centers; local, regional and international missionary support and relief aid, solid fellowship for youth and older adults, point of contact resources for displaced families and those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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There are many gifts, but the same Spirit, many ministries but the same Lord. So the question is... What will you do with the gifts you've been given?

What Keeps Us Going? Abiding in God, spending time in His presence and soaking in His Spirit

Devotionals: What does the Scripture say? The leading cause of Christians straying off of the right path is a poor prayer life...So how's your prayer life?

Jesus tells us that He is the way the truth and the life and He reveals much more



The Father is revealed and the promise of the Father sending another advocate; the Holy Spirit is given.


Read John 14


Spend time in His presence and soak in the scripture promises. Listen to what the Lord reveals to you and be obedient to His urgings.


 May you and your family together share in the Peace and Strength of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ Amen

1st Reading Romans 12:2

Ask yourself this question: "Are you doing what God wants you to do or are you doing what the world wants you to do?" Where do you want to be? Caught up in the confusion of life or in the presence of the Prince of Peace for eternity?


2nd Reading  Psalm 139:13-14

 It is for this reason "peace and the Love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit that you were made". Do you have that peace in you today? Ask the Sovereign Lord of all to reign in your heart and He will bring you to a peace that is without bounds.


3rd Reading  Psalm 13:5

A simple prayer: "Lord it's not easy to wait patiently, forgive me. I rush into things that are not good for me. Lord help me to be at peace and patiently wait for You to show me the way"

Read Scripture. Its the best instruction manual we have

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Contact Us

Office 937.368.3879

 Fax 937.368.5040

Regular Hours


Tuesdays: Committee Meetings 7pm

Wednesdays: Corporate Prayer and Bible study 7pm

(2nd Wednesday of the month Mission Field Work to the Linden L.R.C. 11:30am-7pm)


Sunday School: 9:15am

Sunday Worship: 10:30am


Regular Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm

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