Day 14 of our Lenten Journey

This journey has been about spending more time in the presence of God. In doing so, God has been revealing Himself to you and revealing who you are as He created you to be.  What have you learned about yourself so far? Do you like what you’ve been shown? God has called you to Himself so that He could reveal who you are in Him. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be tempted or that you won't be afraid of  failures, it means that He will be with you always and sustain you through them. Our minds are a battleground on which there is fighting by opposing sides to control your thoughts, your emotions, your ability to stay on the course you started at the beginning of this Lenten journey. It is the fullness of everything you are trying to do in this life.

The enemy is constantly attacking you. It's the world that's trying to influence you and it is your mind that the Lord desires to renew daily. It's the key to a relationship with God and a life filled with an abundance of His Peace. How do you fight this war, and more importantly, how can you win this war?

By spending more time in the presence of God and by renewing your mind by the power of God's word.

Paul told the Romans: "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

God wants to trasnform you in this journey. Only then will you be successful in your battles of the mind and against the rulers of this fallen world. 

Ask God to reveal in you, your potential and His power. Jesus prayed for all believers that we would be one in Him.

May you be found in the fullness of His indescribable joy so that with the talents He has given you , you may use them to bless others. In doing so, what you do and who you are becoming brings God the glory! Pray also for His divine protection from the evil one who constantly seeks to destroy.


Read: John 17:1-26; Romans 12:2



Prayer of consecration



I confess my sins and failures to you and I am very sorry for having sinned against You.  Give me the strength to seek and accept Your grace and forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, you poured yourself out completely and died for me so that I would have eternal life. I claim that wonderful and indescribable gift of salvation.

Create a pure heart in me, refresh my spirit and renew my mind and body.

I consecrate myself to you Lord and ask that you use me according to your holy will.

I pray in Jesus name.


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