Lenten Reflection




Lord I need you to give me patience...and hurry!

Day 16

 During our earthly stay, many people come and go in and out of our lives including those people who will test us in every way. There are people who specialize in pushing our buttons and even succeed in stealing our joy. How do we treat them? (pause and think about this) No, really, think about it.  Outwardly we may put on our best Christian game face, but inwardly how do we deal with them? There will be circumstances and people involved that are going to be more than we can handle at times.

The strong person  may lash out, or enagage the on-coming fight in an effort to shut it down...We will excuse our crassness and even our brutal honesty by calling it 'exercising healthy boundaries', but this isn't what we are called to do. We are called by Christ to "turn the other cheek, and to pray for those that persecute us,. Ok we get that part from Sundayschool you may say, but what about the people that just plain annoy us, constantly?

If you're getting a vision in your mind right now, ask yourself: Hasn't God created everything and called it good?

So what are we to do with constant interuptors, the over-talkers, the (dare we mention) the 'unlovables'?

We love them, after all that's why God allows our paths to cross. Jesus died once for all, for everyone. In your prayers today, ask God to bring to you someone that will bless you with a test of your faith and a fresh opportunity to love. Also pray for discernment and strength to do what is right, just and loving.


Read: 1 Timothy 2:1-151 Timothy 4:4-5


Prayer of consecration



I confess my sins and failures to you and I am very sorry for having sinned against You.  Give me the strength to seek and accept Your grace and forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, you poured yourself out completely and died for me so that I would have eternal life. I claim that wonderful and indescribable gift of salvation.

Create a pure heart in me, refresh my spirit and renew my mind and body.

I consecrate myself to you Lord and ask that you use me according to your holy will.

I pray in Jesus name.


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