Lenten Reflection

Day 18

When Moses was gathered up to heaven, Joshua was there to take the reigns and lead the people to the promised land. Through uncertainty and conflict, Joshua was apprehensive because he did not want to fail like so many others before him. God said to him: "Be strong and courageous", and again the Lord said: "Have I not told you to be strong and corageous?"

All through out the scriptures we see so many of history's greatest leaders being unsure and fearful of failing. 

There are times when we are afraid to press forward because we fear that we will not succeed. We may stop short of the goal because we're afraid to press on because failure seems immenant. Afraid to go to places where we know we will be tempted and pushed beyond our limits.

What would Jesus say?

Go anyway, be strong and courageous because your God goes before you.

The first step of pressing on begins with prayer. Today, speak to the Lord and tell him of your worries and fears, and ask Him to watch over you and to strengthen you for what lies ahead. God will reveal His plan to sustain you as you move forward in courage and boldness.  


Read: 1 Kings 8:44-50Luke 9:23-24




Prayer of consecration



I confess my sins and failures to you and I am very sorry for having sinned against You.  Give me the strength to seek and accept Your grace and forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, you poured yourself out completely and died for me so that I would have eternal life. I claim that wonderful and indescribable gift of salvation.

Create a pure heart in me, refresh my spirit and renew my mind and body.

I consecrate myself to you Lord and ask that you use me according to your holy will.

I pray in Jesus name.


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