Lenten Reflection

Day 20

 You've made it to day 20 and by now God may have revealed to you some things that you may not have known either about you or Himself. Be wary, Satan lays waiting to ambush you! You may be feeling a little "holier than thou" instead of humble because you have stayed on track. This mind set is exactly where Satan will hit you! You may be tempted to ask God to remove the weaknesses or "thorns" He has revealed so that you may be more perfect. We all want to be like Christ, who like the Father in Heaven, is perfect. But, that's not who we were created to be. God created us to endure those moments of pain, suffering or discomfort and to come to Him with them. The famous 18th century poet Alexander Pope once wrote: "to err is human, to forgive, devine". God calls us in our weakness so that He can supply our needs through great grace.

Take heart because God uses broken things (people) for His glory!

We have to learn how to ride in that cover of grace even when the thorns are poking us.

Having weaknesses is one thing, surrendering them to the Lord to be used for His purpose is quite another. Ask God to reveal the "thorns" afflicting you right now and how He may use them to pour great graces into your life. Thank Him for each thorn that He reveals and for the sufficient grace He has given you to endure the work He will have you do.


Read: 2 Corinthians 12:7-9Mark 12:38-40

Prayer of consecration



I confess my sins and failures to you and I am very sorry for having sinned against You.  Give me the strength to seek and accept Your grace and forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, you poured yourself out completely and died for me so that I would have eternal life. I claim that wonderful and indescribable gift of salvation.

Create a pure heart in me, refresh my spirit and renew my mind and body.

I consecrate myself to you Lord and ask that you use me according to your holy will.

I pray in Jesus name.


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