Our Lenten Journey 2023

This is a season of reflection; a time of repentance, preparation, prayer and fasting. An opportunity to focus our sights on true discipleship and becoming who God created us to be in the midst of being our most real and authentic selves.

Day 4

As you begin this journey of prayer and seeking a deeper relationship with God, you may be uncertain as to where you to begin. Praying this prayer wherever you are in this journey of faith is never a bad place to start.



Here and now, I confess my sins and failures to You and I am heartfully sorry for having sinned against You.

Grant me the strength to seek and accept Your forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, on the cross on Calvary, You poured Yourself  out completely for me and I claim that wonderful and indescribable gift of salvation.

Lord, create a clean heart in me.

Transform me and renew me in every way; mind, body and spirit.

Be the Lord of my life and guide me in Your ways everlasting.

I consecrate myself to You Lord and ask that You use me according to Your Holy Will.

I pray in the name of Jesus.



 During this period of time you may be choosing how you will fast, think of it this way: You've built an alter  and you are going to lay a sacrifice on it that honors God. Whatever it will be, it will cost you something; your comfort, your convenience or your routine. Leading up to this day you thought indecisively about what that sacrifice would be. In the Old Testament, the laws determined the proper sacrifice for the specfic offering. Today, it's up to you. Search your heart as you pray and you will see.

All of this time preparing for and deciding how much you will fast, somehow you have already chosen. Thoughts and visions revealed it to you because God laid it upon your heart. Notice though that God doesn't demand anything from us, but instead, He asks us to surrender through His urging and nudging,

but there's a caveat, It will take some serious willpower and commitment to get you out of your comfort zone. The sacrifice that you offer up as your fast is in itself an act of dedication and a committment.

If you're worried that you will fail to meet this offertory gift, write your commitment down on a piece of paper to remind you and if necessary, share it with someone who will hold you accountable to that commitment.

As you pray today for God to show you what He wants you to sacrifice, let God move the mountains for you.


Read: 1 Chronicles 21:18-27


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